As CPLA is derived from PLA it is 100% biodegradable and compostable according to the EN-13432 standard and ASTM D6400 and or D6868. At the end of life, PLA based products can be either recycled or composted in industrial composting facilities.

CPLA, crystalised poly lactic acid, is a combination of PLA (70-80%), chalk (20-30%) and other biodegradable additives. Through the crystalisation of PLA - CPLA products can withstand high temperatures up to 85*C without deforming. Once crystalised, CPLA is no longer transparent, but matt white - the natural colour of this cutlery.

The design of this CPLA cutlery makes it super strong, will not flex or bend while you eat

CPLA Knife/Fork/Napkin in PLA Pack

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    • 25 PACK
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