Sustainable, Beautiful, Energy Efficient, Food Safe

Sourced from Areca Nut Plantations, Areca trees shed roughly 8-10 leaves per year. These Palm leaf plates are made from those.
The leaves fall to the ground and are taken to a factory where they are washed using high pressure spring water. 80% of the water used to clean the leaves is diverted back to production processes for reuse.

The shaping process involves the leaf being prossed and heated to 180*C (also doubles as heat sterilisation).
The pressed leaves are then checked, sent for edging and UV sterilisation. The offcuts are used to make smaller bowls, so there is very little waste. Final scraps are used as compost to fertilise the same trees they fell from.
The tableware is then treated just prior to packaging using a Photohydrionization process. This non penetrating, chemical free, ionizing UV radiation is a very effective food grade sanitation method.

    One Tree Palm Leaf Eco Square Plate 150mm

    AU$19.15 Regular Price
    AU$15.32Sale Price
      • Safe for hot or cold food or liquid.
      • Do not go soggy with hot liquids
      • Strong and easy to hold with the natural insulation of the leaf
      • Microwavable - up to 2 mins
      • Convection oven safe at 180* for up to 40mins - you can actually bake in them
      • No taste transfer from palm leaf to food.
      • Return straight to nature after use - 100% organic, compostable, biodegradable
      • PACK 25
      • CARTON 4X25