The Paper Straws have now been sold in Australia since 2013, tried and tested for quality and usability. A real 3-ply Food Grade Kraft Paper Straw, making the straw last well in a drink, and hold its shape, as one of the best on the market.

With no waxes and only 0.6% food-grade glue to make the straw, this meets the required standards of EN13432 that glue must be less than 1%. 

Plates, Bowls & Cutlery

Sourced from Areca Nut Plantations, Areca trees shed roughly 8-10 leaves per year. The Palm leaf plates are made from those. The leaves fall to the ground and are taken to a factory where they are washed using high-pressure spring water. 80% of the water used to clean the leaves is diverted back to production processes for reuse.

Eco-friendly disposable fork's look great, but they are more environmentally friendly than plastic being sourced from sustainable forests and are biodegradable. 


Providing sustainable and long-lasting takeaway options for retail and individual use.

Compost Bin

The bucket has a grate inside which separates the solid bokashi waste from the bokashi juice, this juice can be easily drained through the tap at the base of the bucket.

Merry Plastics Free Christmas!